This popular 3 hour tour allows passengers the opportunity to get up close to the world’s 3rd largest whirlpool from the safety of an open RIB. We try to ensure that departure timings are relevant to witnessing the best effect linked to the current tide table. However, there may be times when you will not see the whirlpool at its best as it only happens about 50 times per season. You will however be able to see the difference in water height between the Atlantic and the narrowing channel running to the East of Jura as we will visit another smaller channel to the North of Scarba called the Grey Dogs if the Corryvreckan has no visible tidal movement. (Photo: The Corryvreckan Whirlpool © Copyright Walter Baxter and licensed for reuse under this Creative Commons Licence.)

The whirlpool is caused by a large volume of water travelling northward along the narrowing channel called the Sound of Jura and as it gets squeezed it takes the easiest escape route which is the mile wide gap between Jura and Scarba called the Gulf of Corryvreckan. As the water flows west it encounters various obstructions and there are 2 that cause the most dramatic change in water state and that is a 219m hole (or two St Pauls Cathedrals) and a large pinnacle of basalt rock standing some 130m on the northwest side of the Gulf. When the water passes over these impressive areas of topography it gathers speed and on contacting the pinnacle you witness the whirlpool effect.

On this tour you will also see an active nesting site for White Tailed Sea Eagles and the legendary Barnhill where George Orwell wrote his best seller 1984.


Adult: £40 | Child (under 16): £25


Sunday 0900 - 1200 | Tuesday 0900 - 1200 | Thursday 0900 - 1200
Please allow 30 minutes prior to departure time for the fitment of a lifejacket, waterproofs and the mandatory safety brief.
Please note: In order to improve the chances of seeing the whirlpool at its best, some of our tours take place at times differing from the ones stated. Please see the table at the bottom of this page.

Availability 2020

Number of free places
Places still availableCancelledFully booked
0900 - 1200*
0900 - 1200*
29 Sep
0900 - 1200*
1 Oct

* Extraordinary Times 2020

Departure times to coincide with large spring tides.

8th Apr0700 - 1000
9th Apr0700 - 1000
22nd Apr0700 - 1000
23rd Apr0700 - 1000
6th May1700 - 2000
7th May1700 - 2000
10th May0800 - 1100
7th Jun0700 - 1000
5th Jul1700 - 2000
21st Jul1700 - 2000
22nd Jul1700 - 2000
4th Aug1700 - 2000
17th Sep0700 - 1000

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