Further questions can be answered via our contact page or alternatively call 07976 280195 and we will happily answer any question.

How do I pay?

We accept BACS, cash and PayPal card payment.

Will I get wet?

Generally you won’t get wet but you may encounter the odd rogue wave or sea spray but your supplied waterproofs are specifically designed for RIB Tours and have never failed.

What should I wear?

It is normally cooler at sea compared to land so we recommend you use the layering principal, comfy trousers or shorts, t-shirt, fleece, hat & gloves. We always carry spare clothing for emergencies.

Are there a min number of passengers for a trip to run?

The RIB carries 12 passengers so we aim for a minimum of 10 but this can change at the Skipper’s discretion.

I would like a specific trip not on the timetable?

We will try to cater for everybody’s requirement so please call and and we will try our best to please.

Is there capacity for storage of personal effects?

There is limited storage on board and more if needed in a secure boathouse.

What happens if the weather is bad?

It is always at the Skippers discretion whether he sets sail or not but if the wind is very strong or the short term forecast is not favourable he will not sail. Although these Humber RIB’s are favoured by the RNLI he will never endanger the life of passengers plus it’s not very appealing travelling in large waves if you’re not accustomed to it. In the event of a cancelled tour passengers will be offered an alternative tour or a full refund.

Sea Sickness

It is very seldom for passengers to get sea sick on an open RIB travelling at speed as you avoid the motion sickness akin to closed ferries. This is due to travelling faster with very little roll plus you are sat in the open air and you can always see the horizon.

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